Slide Clear’s flexible barriers transform and connect spaces.  We create indoor and outdoor partitions which are flexible and adjust to make environments elegant, desirable, functional, offer protection from the elements and ensure these areas are useful for prolonging use into almost all conditions.

At the touch of a button, or with a simple manual operation, these solutions make use of valuable space and adapt to your world.

Contact us to see how you can re-capture your outdoor space and use it more often.

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Slide Clear transforms fixed walls into flexible openings that invite the outside in and remove visual and physical barriers. Enjoy the expanded sense of space, yet stay comfortable with a transparent barrier that protects you no matter what the climate or seasonal extreme.

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Simply put, our products are built to last and perform beyond industry standards.  You can rest easy knowing our walls, doors, covers and glass will provide years of trouble free performance.  It’s our commitment.

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During our 20-plus years in business, we have earned the trust of architects, builders, design professionals, and homeowners as a solutions provider for re-imagining how buildings, people, and the elements interact.

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Slide Clear’s quality is realized the moment you contact us.  Our years of outstanding service and product knowledge will guide you from start to a happy finish.

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Fall is in the Air – Let Slide Clear help you capture your Outdoor Living Spaces YEAR ROUND!

Contact us about our incredible line up of products including the CLR | multi slide door system, the CLR | folding door system, our Frameless Multi Slide Plus door system and our two incredible roof systems – the Oksura louvered roof and the Modus glass retractable roof – both available with manual or motorized options.

Adaptable Space Solutions

Dynamic Walls, Doors, Glass and Roof Systems

Multi Slide Frameless
Glass Walls that Move

Slide and Pivot (SAP) Frameless Glass Walls
Open Up Your Living Space

Vertaslide Lowering Window System
Windows and Railings that Lower and Raise

Folding Glass Doors
Flexible Accordion Door Systems

Sliding Door Systems
Inside Becomes Outside

Retractable Glass Roofs
Motorized Control of Your Space

Retractable Louvered Roof Systems
Fully Sealed/Open for Ventilation/Fully Retracted

Moveable Walls
Operable Room Partitions

Fixed Roofs
Glass, Acrylic and Vinyl

Structures to Support
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