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Our Mission

Creating adaptable, functional, high-quality living, and working environments. Where people can enjoy the wide-open, connect to nature, absorb the natural light, and have the option and convenience to modify it to better suit their needs.

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Bringing Nature Closer to Home

Practical, Accessible, Luxury

Whether you are looking to create that ultimate year round living space, an extension to your indoors, provide protected year round outdoor space, add a large door, improve your windows, or design that pergola as an additional back yard option, Slide Clear has all the solutions. Premium quality, flexibility, range and scope, we have common sense options for every area of your home. Let us help you realize your dreams.

  • Multi Slide – Minimal Frame
  • Folding Glass Door Systems
  • Lift and Slide Doors Systems
  • Moving Glass Patio Wall Systems

Door Systems

Our products emphasizes the interweaving relationship between indoor and outdoor, a living style that brings nature closer to home. We specialize in unique, modern, and minimal frame solutions that offer maximum view to the outdoors. Our minimal frame doors provide a seamless link and connection from indoors to out. They minimize obstructions, provide onobstructed views and utilize only proven quality and engineering. Whether folding, sliding, pivoting, stacking, bottom or top weight, Slide Clear solutions deliver luxurious and alluring doors which become the feature to many homes.

Roof and Cover Systems

Slide Clear roof and cover solutions provide essential protection for the elements. Whether fixed, retractable, glass, or solid, true outdoor living demands more light, control over sun exposure and airflow. Add one to your project design and enjoy ultimate protection, flexibility and control. Slide Clear unites the latest technology with the highest quality to provide our clientele with exquisitevly comfortable and luxurious environments.

Glass Wall Systems

Protect and enclose your outdoor space so you can enjoy it year round. No more blown away napkins, dusty furnishings and limited use due to poor weather. Slide Clear offers the most comprehensive selection of moving glass wall systems to enclose your outdoor space. Slide, stack, pivot, raise or lower….. our systems provide unobstructed views, and neatly move to open it up when you need to.

Balcony Glazing

Turn your balcony into year round functional, protected and enjoyable space. Slide Clear has folding, sliding, pivoting, and lifting solutions to enclose any space.


We offer traditional and oversize windows that will blend seamlessly with your homes design and aesthetic. Our partners include Western Windows, Reynaers, Cascadia, Norwood, Milgard, and Vinyltek.

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