Slide Clear® Walls, Doors and Glass – Sliding, stacking, raising, folding, moving glass walls and doors, provide a transparent link between the indoor and the outdoor elements of your world.  These are the new technologies for our spaces.  These systems, incorporated into building design, provide a seamless transition from one space to another and a connection to the great outdoors.  Slide Clear utilizes and integrates technology with premier engineering and quality to provide our clientele with an exquisitely comfortable and luxurious experience.

Residential Projects

Slide Clear Glass Wall System

Slide Clear Features and Benefits

checkmarkIndustry leading five (5) year Warranty

checkmarkNo boundaries low threshold option

checkmarkAdvanced weather tight seals

checkmarkMaximum security

checkmarkSupreme noise reduction

checkmarkThermally efficient

checkmarkUltra slim lightweight durable aluminum frames

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CLR | multi slide sliding door
Minimal Frame – Maximum View

Our CLR | multi slide door system is our premium European engineered, thermally broken, minimal frame – maximum view sliding door.  The CLR | mutli slide features various track configurations, stainless steel hardware, triple pane glazing, an integrated handle and a 1″ (26mm) stile that allows for an unobstructed view.  This system is the perfect solution for areas where thermal, air, water and structural values are a critical factor.  The panels neatly slide away, allowing for a unified space in the indoors or out.

CLR | multi slide Door System

High Performance – Minimal Frame

Maximum View

CLR | folding Door System

High Performance – Minimal Frame

Maximum View

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Multi Slide Glass Wall

Frameless Ultimate Flexibility

Unobstructed View

Slide and Pivot (SAP)

Frameless Glass Moving Wall System

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Slide and Stack (SAS)

Dynamic and Adaptable System

Walls and Partitions

Vertaslide Lowering Window

Motorized Vertical Sliding and

Opening Window System

Frameless Multi Slide
Clear Unobstructed View  

The Frameless Multi Slide is one of our most versatile and transparent sliding wall systems. This system provides stunning, unobstructed views and can act as an adaptable partition, barrier wall or divider for areas where thermal values and an air tight seal are not essential. The panels neatly slide away, transforming your room into a connect, outdoor living space.