Slide Clear specializes in Adaptable Spaces – Moving glass walls, folding and sliding doors, partitions, covers, roofs and railings.  Dynamic systems which excel in protecting, connecting and uniting spaces while adding light, extending views and creating flexibility.

The trend to blend indoor and outdoor designs in a consistent flowing manner, created an industry which is for the most part is still in development.  Slide Clear has for many years, been at the forefront of technical and design innovation in this field.  Ensuring designs and desires are combined to deliver elegant, functional and enduring solutions.

There are many ways to approach these designs, and this requires a skilled and experienced team to successfully accomplish truly innovative and functional spaces.

Our team has proven themselves to be experts at navigating the new innovation pitfalls and delivering key design attributes to accomplish your dreams.

We successfully merge and connect spaces and we ensure they are functional for extended use and in almost any climate.

As we continue to revolutionize this new industry, we thank the fine architects, designers, builders and customers whom we have worked with and look forward to new demands and challenges, to incorporate even more distinctive designs, into successful and responsible architecture.

To achieve, this we specialize in moving systems that remove barriers to light and views and open up space to a natural and open flow.  Some of the ways we do this is through:

   checkmark  Frameless and framed glass sliding wall and partition systems

   checkmark  Various types of fixed and retractable roof systems

   checkmark  Door systems – multi-slide, bi-fold, and lift and slide doors (NAFS compliant, if required)

   checkmark  Shade systems

   checkmark    Interior partitions